All the tools you need to manage all aspects of your business - everything from managing appointments and staff, and taking payments - to growing your customer base and retaining those customers over time.
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GlamOZ Salon Marketing Network

No local business owner wants to have big holes in their calendar. With the GlamOZ Marketing Network, you can display unfilled time slots across our network of partner sites to get your book filled during slow periods. Distribution partners include:
  • Google.
  • Yahoo.
  • Yelp.
  • Bing.
  • Yellow pages.
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Social Promotion

Today, savvy consumers are looking to connect with businesses on social. GlamOZs gives you the ability to create and publish specials and offers to prospective and current customers on Facebook, Twitter, and other leading networks.

Booking Page

Our customized booking page integrates with your website's design and flow, making it easy for you to flaunt your services to prospects and help them take the next step by booking an appointment. During the process, customers can select criteria that will help them get the best possible in‑person experience, such as:
  • Service or class type.
  • Preferred date and time.
  • Specific service provider or teacher.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Understanding where your customers are coming from is key to building a business. The Business Intelligence Dashboard provides actionable insights into your sales and marketing to help you intelligently grow your business. 62% of businesses don’t know whether their marketing works.
With the Business Intelligence Dashboard you can easily:
  • Understand how much your customers are spending.
  • Know which marketing initiatives drive new business vs repeat business.
  • Track customer referrals.
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Online Booking

Wouldn't it be great if every visitor to your website took the next step and made an appointment or enrolled in a class? GlamOZ's online booking page integrates seamlessly within your existing website. You can customize the design of your booking flow to match your branding, and customers have the power to:
  • View a Book Now button on your website’s homepage.
  • See available time slots.
  • View detailed descriptions of your services and classes.
  • Schedule multiple services or classes.
  • Add additional guests.
  • Automatically add client and prospect email addresses to your GlamOZ account.

Facebook Booking

Potential customers are more likely to interact with your Facebook Page than they are with your website. Put your best foot forward with our easy-to-implement Facebook Booking App. Social networkers will have the ability to book appointments, purchase gift certificates, and view your promotions seamlessly within the Facebook platform.

Mobile & Tablet Booking

You and your staff aren’t chained to a desk all day—so why should your business management system be? GlamOZs is designed to be accessible from any device, no matter where you are, providing flexibility for business owners and their employees. Your customers also receive the same mobile-optimized experience when booking, giving them the freedom to connect with you on the go.
  • Service or class type.
  • Preferred date and time.
  • Specific service provider or teacher.
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Your calendar is the center of your business, and our scheduling features are designed with that fact in mind. With GlamOZ, you can effortlessly:
  • View your daily appointments and classes by time or by stylist.
  • See available time slots.
  • View detailed descriptions of your services and classes.
  • Manage all staff, resources, equipment and facilities required to power availability.
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Point of Sale

Keep your customers feeling good with an effortless checkout system. GlamOZ’s POS software connects with your credit card processor to process transactions in real time. You can also:
  • Connect your POS with customer profiles to process payments using a card on file.
  • Track customer purchases over time.
  • Accept multiple payment types including cash, credit, debit, gift certificates, and loyalty points.
  • Securely manage and analyze your transactions.

Credit Card Processing

Few customers today carry around cash on a regular basis. Providing them the option to pay with credit or debit is an easy way to enhance their experience at your business. GlamOZ’s credit card processing integrates with our POS system and your account so you can securely take payments and capture data from every sale. Your online booking page will be a 24/7 store where customers can book appointments, make deposits, purchase gift certificates, and buy products online. Other benefits include:
  • Quicker checkouts for your customers.
  • Safe and reliable processing that complies with PCI and current security standards.
  • Competitive credit processing rates.
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Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payments provide the ultimate convenience for both your customers and your staff members. With GlamOZ, you can turn any smartphone or tablet into a payment terminal, allowing you to authorize and capture charges anywhere in your store. With mobile payments, you can:
  • Accept signatures directly on a device.
  • Send email receipts straight to your clients’ inboxes.
  • Provide fast and reliable payment processing.

Gift Certificates

Help your customers give the gift of convenience with customized gift certificates. GlamOZs offers:
  • Personalized designs branded with your business’s logo.
  • Sales from your store, website and Facebook Pages.
  • Print and email delivery options.
  • Effortless balance tracking and syncing to customer records.

eCommerce Software

Keep your customers stocked up with the retail items they love—without requiring them to make a trip to your establishment. Our eCommerce software is the easiest way to build and maintain an online storefront on your website. Your customers will have round-the-clock access to purchase:
  • Their favorite products.
  • Gift certificates.
  • Memberships and packages.


Employee Scheduling Software

Manually updating your schedule is hugely time consuming and can lead to lapses in coverage or double-bookings. Our employee scheduling software and payroll management options will help you reduce errors and spend more time doing what you love. Features include:
  • Employee schedules that sync with your calendar.
  • Mobile schedule access for your employees and automated shift reminders.
  • Flexible options to support your compensation structure.
  • Centralized reporting on staff hours, service deductions, and tips.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Your customers are the heart of your business. Our system provides robust profiles and reports to help you build better relationships with your new and existing customers. With GlamOZs, you can:
  • Track customers’ first and last visits.
  • View real-time total sales.
  • See appointment history and preferences.
  • Track marketing campaigns and membership information.
  • Robust reporting across all customer activity.

Inventory Management

We know that managing inventory isn’t any business owner’s favorite task. That’s why we’ve built simple, reliable tools to help you track vendor and product inventory for both in-store and online sales. Our inventory management software allows you to:
  • Take physical inventory.
  • Optimize inventory based on in-person and online buying patterns.
  • Identify trends in staff product usage and customer purchases.
  • Manage product lines by manufacturer.
  • Oversee purchase orders.


Data will only benefit your business if you’re using it to make better decisions. Our reporting suite provides real-time reports designed to help you analyze your key performance stats and gain insight into:
  • Bookings and sales.
  • Customer behaviors and trends.
  • Inventory turnover.
  • Employee compensation and hours.
  • Marketing campaign performance.

GlamOZs Mobile App

The GlamOZ's Mobile App allows you and your staff to perform essential business tasks from anywhere. With the app, you can:
  • View and manage your calendar.
  • Book, update, and cancel appointments.
  • Sell series, gift cards, and products.
  • Take cash, credit, debit, checks, gift certificates, and series payments.
  • Apply special discounts and override prices.
  • View customer notes and profiles.
  • And more!


Customer Loyalty Software

Once a new client comes in for their first appointment, how do you keep them coming back? The answer is our preferred partner Frederick. Frederick works with your existing appointment book or business management system to help fill your schedule ­ automatically. With email and text message promotions, communications and marketing campaigns, we make it easy to stay in touch and engaged with your new and existing customers and to keep them returning.
  • Fast. Simple. Effective.
  • Increase revenue by filling last minute openings and slow days.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and relationships
  • resulting in a positive online reputation and word of mouth.
  • Keep your employees happy by ensuring they’re busy and engaged with happy customers.
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Email Marketing

Create, send, and schedule emails to a single customer or your entire mailing list with just a few clicks. In tandem with GlamOZ’s robust data collection and reporting, you can make your email marketing more effective by:
  • Customizing emails based on customer booking and purchase history.
  • Targeting subsets of your customer list who’ve performed specific actions.
  • Using membership and loyalty points data to create and deliver custom offers.
  • Automatically capturing client and prospect email addressees when they book an appointment online.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Repeat customers should be rewarded for their loyalty to your business. Our customer loyalty software gives you the ability to create custom rewards for online bookings, referrals, product purchases, and more.

Memberships Software

A membership program or appointment/class series can be a great way to lock in repeat business from customers who come in on a regular basis. Our membership software and series tools allow you to:
  • Create multiple types of memberships and series.
  • Assign benefits, quantities, frequencies, and redemption timeframes.
  • Provide flexible payment options.
  • Take membership and series payments easily.
  • Marketing campaigns.

Customer Surveys

Looking to try out a different line of retail products, add a new service or offer a special workshop? Ask your customers what they would be most interested in! Our surveys tool makes it easy to create, distribute, and analyze surveys so you can make better decisions about changes and improvements to your business.

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